BurnRight Vermont

BurnRight Vermont is funded by the High Meadows Fund to help Vermonters change the way they burn wood to heat their homes. The changes are not difficult, but the impact can be large in terms of the cost of wood, chimney safety, health, and indoor and outdoor air quality.

And the way one burns wood can help slow the melting of the world’s polar icecaps and glaciers. This is why Burn Right is a program of the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative.

International Cryosphere Climate Initiative

ICCI is a Vermont nonprofit working to protect the earth’s ice- and snow-covered regions, also known as the cryosphere. The climate is changing faster and more dramatically in the cryosphere than anywhere else on earth. These changes have begun to accelerate climate change globally, and will have increasingly irreversible impacts throughout the globe, for example from sea-level rise. ICCI works to create local, regional and global climate policies that will slow these changes.

For more information, visit the ICCI website.

This project is supported by the High Meadows Fund